Rice Fields

I never gave rice much thought.  I ate it occassionally with a curry, stir fry or gumbo.  When I was … More

Ice Dyeing

The first time I encountered ice dyed fabric was on Pinterest.  The fabric was so colorful and had such interesting … More

Gallery 2

The quilts in this gallery are ones that have been gifted to various people for various occasions. This quilt of … More

A Cautionary Tale

You know that little voice in your head which tells you beware?  Trust your gut…   go with your instinct? … More

Hummingbird in Hand

  Not only is the hummingbird in hand, but is now hanging on my wall!  The final touches are done. … More

Quilting sandwich.

Once the hand and hummingbird are ironed onto the background with the fusible web, I will add a border.  I … More