Swimming with the Piranhas


UnknownThis statement is not a ephemism for hanging out with the wrong crowd.  Nor is it a figment of the imagination.  Some people swim the dolphins.  Some people snorkle to see the colorful tropical fish.  Or, if you visit us here in Nuro, you can swim with the sea turtles.  We’re choosing to swim with the piranhas found in Lake Pilchicocha along the Napo River in the Amazonia region of Ecuador this coming week in September.


Sacha Lodge (sachalodge.com) is located in the Amazonia region of Ecuador along the Napo River.  The lodge is very ecologically minded and it is for this reason we’ve chosen to vacation there.  Small groups of no more than seven are guided through the jungle by two guides: one is a university graduate of naturalist studies while the second is a local who grew up in the area.


We will be hiking through the jungle and canoeing through the rivers and marshes looking for wildlife and learning about the flora.  The have a canopy walk which consists of a suspended bridge across three towers above the canopy of the jungle.  From here you can see great distances and view birds and monkeys generally not seen from the floor.  Activities include a butterfly farm, “hunting” caiman with a spotlight at night and swimming with the piranhas in the lake.

We will be gone for close to two weeks and will return with lots of pictures and stories of our trip.



    1. It should be full of adventure and wildlife! Doug and I needed the break from all the home repairs after the rains in March. I’ll be sharing our adventures as they unfold and we have internet access.

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