Gallery 2

The quilts in this gallery are ones that have been gifted to various people for various occasions.

IMG_0021This quilt of three horses was one of the first quilts I made.  The quilt design, “Earth, Wind and Fire” is by Toni Whitney and distributed by Bigfork Bay Cotton Company.  I learned a lot by making it and it sparked my passion for such work.  I gave it to my husband, Doug, for Christmas in 2011.

IMG_0062My daughter, Mandy, received this quilt in 2014.  It shows the shyline of Chicago.  It was inspired by a trip to Chicago when we took an architectural tour of the city.  Each of the buildings is a scaled representation of the actual buildings in the skyline.  The Sears tower is on the right and the John Hancock Center in on the right.   Others include the Aon Center, Crane Communications Building, the two Prudential Plazas, and the CNA Center.  I hand dyed the background fabric and quilted the marquee of the famous Chicago Theater (also the icon for the Chicago Cubs) across the sky.


I made this quilt for my sister, Martha.  We took a trip to the Galapagos Islands in September of 2015 and thought this a great tribute to the fabulous adventure we shared there.  I have to admit I made a second one because I liked it so much.  Previously, I had committed to not duplicating quilts so each would be an original.  I did use different fabrics for mine, but the same design.  Since I was going to keep the second one, I figured I might fudge a bit on my commitment this once.  I named mine “gemelo” which means twin in Spanish.

IMG_0018Elaine Alcade received this quilt of an orchid.  Elaine and her family quickly became good friends once we were introduced by local doctor friends.  Elaine became a doctor here in Peru and then studied in Guatemala for her dermatological residency.  This quilt was a gift to celebrate her completion of her studies in 2016 and her return to Peru.  She now practices in Cajamarca and Talara.


We met Mariana Landazuri when she was doing her government service in Ñuro after finishing her studies as a general practice doctor.  Doug had been stung by a stingray, and she attended to him while local villagers looked on.  She is a cat lover and rescuer.  When she moved into her own apartment, she took five cats with her.  She left at least another twelve with her mother.  All of the cats are well cared for and certainly reign in their respective households!  This was gifted in 2017.

IMG_0970Maria Mujica, Mariana’s mom, received this patchwork quilt.  She has graciously welcomed us into her home numerous times while we’ve been in Lima.  She has a beautiful private suite of rooms including a bedroom, bathroom and sitting area where we stay.  We’ve stayed there as a stop-over for trips to the states and I recovered from surgery in these rooms.  Maria is one of the best known and respected notaries in Peru and has offered her advise on legal issues we have encountered.

IMG_0017This quilt is another earlier one (and, as you can see, it wasn’t quite done when this picture was taken).  Our good friend Jim Shouldice received it after I had taken a trip to the Yukon in 2013 and he introduced me to the world of gold mining.  Doug and I met Jim and Dani when we were living in Vichayito while building our home.  They had built a home here and generally spend their winters here in the sunshine.  They are amazingly interesting people having traveled extensively all over the world.


This was the first portrait I’ve done.  It’s of my granddaughter, Brooke.  I used a posterized photo she used of herself on Facebook.  Brooke and I are both the youngest in our families so I’ve always felt a certain special something for her.  This was a great opportunity for me to share my talent and do something special for her.



  1. Such beautiful quilts! Each one, and lots of love also in each one.
    Just like the afghan and quilts my mom made for me, then Peggy and I after we were married.
    I sure they are all treasured!

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