With a new puppy around who likes to chew on virtually everything, we gathered a bunch of toys for him.  These toys are ones the other animals are no longer interested in or something we’ve found around that peaks his interest.  They are also scattered all around the house and we need to watch where we step!  Given this, I decided to make a basket to put all these toys in.


And, after Dobby ripped a hole in our bedroom curtains, I made some new ones.  Maybe not such a good idea at this point; knowing his chewing days are not over!  But I did have a bunch of scrap material left over which I could use for the basket.



I cut the scraps into one inch strips.  I then wrapped these strips around cotton clothesline.  This wrapped cord was then coiled and stitched together using a zigzag stitch.  The first several wraps made up the bottom of the basket.






Once the bottom of the basket was the size I wanted, I began tilting the coil to bring the sides up.  The steeper the tilt, the more upright the sides of the basket will be.




Here is the end result.  Well, not really because I decided to dye it.




I’ve been using ice in some of my dyeing projects and thought I would try the same technique with the basket.  I’ll write about that process in another post…. something for everyone to look forward to.



So this is truly the end result.  As it turned out, Juana, our housekeeper, was celebrating her birthday.  She liked the basket so much, I gifted it to her.  We’ll just have to watch our step around the house for a bit longer.




This is what my little darling was doing while I was sewing the basket!




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