IMG_1263We found this little guy behind the house.  Doug heard him crying, and discovered him drinking out of a bucket of used oil that had a bit of water on top.  We brought him some fresh water and I sat down close by and began talking with him.  It took about half an hour before he would allow me to touch him and a bit longer before I could pick him up.  Besides being skinny, he was filthy and full of ticks and fleas.  The infestation of ticks inside his ears made me gag.

We got him into the laundry room and began to pick off the ticks.  We removed most of them, but his ears became so bloody we decided to come back to the job later.  It was at this point we called the vet.  I gave him a bath, cleaned him up, wrapped him in a towel and held him for the next hour while we waited for the vet to come.

Turns out the little guy is about three months old.  Who knows how long he was out in the hills fending for himself?  The vet gave him an injection to help with the ticks and said he’d follow up with vaccinations if and when he became a bit healthier.  We weren’t sure he would survive the night.



And now?……  Happy with a full belly and toys to chew.  We named him Dobby, after the Harry Potter house elf…with those ears, what else could it be?  He is full of it too.  Wants to play with the other animals who aren’t sure they like the new addition.



Here, in Peru, it is not unusual for animals to be abandoned.  Most are not sterilized so litters are frequent.  Many of the animals are left to fend for themselves in the street and market.  Some are taken out into the hills and abandoned, while others are killed.  During the first tour I took in Peru, I was advised not to touch any animals in the street.  I now know why….  they are uncared for and often infested with ticks and fleas.  These street animals often suffer from diarrhea or other ailments.  It is quite sad, but a reality here.

Two of our cats came from the market.  The third we found abandoned along the road starved and close to death.  All our animals are spayed or neutered, healthy and happy now.  We were content with one dog and one cat, but circumstances have conspired to provide us with five pets.




  1. Dobby looks like a sweet little puppy who will enjoy and greatly appreciate being part of your familia. Please do an update soon. We’d love to see more pics of Dobby the House Elf/Puppy.

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