This is my granddaughter, Brooke.  She is such a cool kid!  She is the youngest in her family and has held her own between two teenage brothers, a sister and cousin in college (but living at home) plus Mom and Dad.  Traditionally the phrase “piss and vinegar” is used to describe boys, but it suits Brooke; something that has made her stand out.  I like this about her.  This is an active family with some very independent and strong-minded personalities.  She enjoys sports; and favors soccer.  She also has a very talented musical ear and often composes music on the spinet piano in the garage.  I love to hear her sing.







Here you can see the sass she has.  And through it all, she is beautiful, kind and loving.




She will be coming up on her 13th birthday in September.







BrookeSeveral months ago Brooke changed her profile photo in Facebook.  The photo intrigued me for several reasons.  First, it was interesting artistically.  It showed her with a very pensive expression in an unusual composition.  My eyes were immediately drawn into her eye and made me wonder what she was thinking about.

I found the colors interesting as well.  I have always struggled with flesh tones and thus shied away from portraits.   Her photo was filtered with orange, and pink hues.

To do a portrait in a quilt is scary!  This was the first I felt I could tackle.  Thankfully, Brooke granted me permission to proceed.

I had 8 X 8 photos printed and used them for a pattern.  Brooke had already posterized the image, which made it simple.  I took the photo with me to a quilt shop and parked myself in the batik section.  I then began pulling bolts of fabric out to find the right colors.  This is pure joy for me….  playing with colors and handling fabrics.  There is something about the feel of cotton and mixing colors that is exciting but soothing at the same time.

Here’s the final result….




  1. Your talents amaze n please me! This is beautiful! I’m sure that your granddaughter will be proud n thrilled with this. Amazing Karen!

  2. That really, really looks nice. I am envious of your ability to chose the right colors to give texture, bring out your main subject matter so well(Brook), and take it look so real! Karen, you have a wonderful gift! And Brook will have this to cherish!

  3. Karen, you are amazing. You have captured Brooke perfectly! She will treasure this as well as she does you! Thank you for choosing her as your subject. I love seeing your creativity throughout your work. Beautiful.

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