The Crickets Invade


We had an earthquake on Monday.  The full moon arrived on Friday.  The crickets invaded during the night Thursday and continue to be thick.  Living in the tropics, we are used to lots of bugs around, but this was way above and beyond.  And today, we found a tarantula outside the kitchen door….IMG_1335.JPG


Doug and I awoke at 4:30 Friday morning to find the floor of our bedroom and bathroom covered with thousands of crickets crawling and hopping in a frenzy.    We spent the next 45 minutes sweeping them up and depositing them outside.  It didn’t help that these critters also flew, so we were batting them out of our hair too.  For a while it seemed an impossible task as we would remove a bunch but others just took their place.  Finally, we prevailed and only a few remained.  At that point, I wasn’t about to go back to sleep.  I was up for the day!  Probably a good thing, as I found several crickets in the bed as I made it up.

I’ve always liked listening to the chirping of the crickets.  It reminds me of the peacefulness of living in the country; away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.  It is, after all, their love song!  But this invasion?

Unknown.jpegArriving in the kitchen, we found a similar infestation.  So, again, we swept and swept and got them out.  I generally don’t kill anything, but being overrun with this many crickets crossed the line.  Both of us armed ourselves with fly swatters and Doug got out a can of bug spray.

Day light came and the crickets began to disappear.  I didn’t realize they were nocturnal. I went to the internet to see what might be done to discourage a return of the swarm, and soon realized….they lay eggs!  Fly swatters might work on the adults, but wouldn’t take care of any eggs they were laying behind the scene.

I also learned crickets can live up to three months!  Time for a new strategy.

I learned they eat paper and fabric, so I went through the office and my studio hoping to eliminate the chance of damage there.  We also went through all the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen cleaning out the crickets that had gotten inside.

Starting in the afternoon, we sprayed insecticide along the baseboards of the cabinets in both the kitchen and the bathroom.  Amazingly, crickets began crawling out from underneath apparently trying to escape the poison.  I’m glad they came out as opposed to dying under the cabinets where we had no access to remove them.

As night approached, the crickets began to return.  They kept Doug busy with the fly swatter as we watched TV but I still had trouble concentrating on my knitting as they would fly into my hair or face.  Before heading to bed, we sprayed again with the same results as earlier.


Outside, they were thick.  It was difficult to walk without stepping on some.  We had kept the glass doors to both the kitchen and bedroom closed during the day which seemed to help keep them outside.  We decided to put up the mosquito net to keep crickets from joining us during the night.  Even so, I found a few in the bed while making it up in the morning.

I think we are making headway.  We are still swatting, spraying and sweeping up crickets throughout the day.  I will open a drawer in the kitchen or bathroom and find a cricket; some alive, others dead.  However, just Google “cricket plague” and look at some of those pictures!  When I did that, I changed the name of this post from Cricket Plague, to The Crickets Invade.  I don’t feel lucky, but definitely grateful it isn’t any worse than it is!

Any more treasures coming with this full moon cycle?



  1. What nightmares are made from! We had something similar happen once with the “flying ants” just when the rains started. I can relate! Good luck!

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