Hummingbird in Hand



Not only is the hummingbird in hand, but is now hanging on my wall!  The final touches are done.

IMG_1233I sent a photo to my son saying “On my wall and very happy! …  both of us.”  I think it will stay there for the time being.  It was originally planned as a wedding gift.  And may still be, but Blaine and Holly haven’t finalized any plans for the big event.  I could hang on to it until they do tie the knot, but I don’t really care if they are married or not.  As long as they are happy, I am content.

It will also stay put for a while since I have not plans for a trip to the states soon.  We do not have postal service here and I wouldn’t trust the postal service with it anyway.  Twice I have lost items in the international mail service.

You did hear me correctly; there is no mail service here.  None.  That includes companies like FedEx, UPS or DHL.  They exist in country, just not close to where we live.  Think about it….  no junk mail, no catalogs…  When we absolutely need to receive something by mail, we have it sent to a friend in Lima.  He will then put it on the bus which travels up north daily.  We can then pick it up at the bus station on this end.  The bus system is extensive in Peru and most packages and or documents travel from one bus station to the next.  It’s overnight service at its best;  reliable and secure.


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