Quilting sandwich.

IMG_1191Once the hand and hummingbird are ironed onto the background with the fusible web, I will add a border.  I generally use one of a contrasting color that is a quarter of an inch wide, then add another about three inches wide.  In this case, I chose a red for the smaller border hoping to highlight the hummingbird.  For the outer border, I chose to use the same fabric as the background  behind the hand.

Now that the quilt top is assembled, I will pick out a backing fabric and put batting between the two.  This is what is called the sandwich.  I tape the backing fabric down onto the table to kept taut while I assemble the sandwich.IMG_1192There are several methods of securing the layers together so they won’t shift while quilting.  I generally baste the layers together.  Others may pin or use spray adhesive.  The latter is something I want to try; it sounds way easier than basting!

IMG_1194Then I will stitch the quilt.  I start in the middle and work outwards; doing the background and borders last.  And I begin by stitching the edges of each piece.  As I worked, I thought the pattern for the quilting could represent the ridges of fingerprints.  I added these additional lines to the larger pieces.  Because the pieces are so detailed and intricate, this work is done free motion.

As I worked on this, I found I liked the backing fabric with the rest of the quilt.  I decided I would then use it for the binding.  The final touches will be to add a sleeve for hanging and adding a label.


Phew!  A lot of detailed work.  I am excited about finishing the quilt; this one has become very special to me.



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