Painting with Fabric, Part 2

One finger done, four to go.  Actually only three, as the thumb goes up off the edge.


I used a different technique on this finger.  Cutting paper off small pieces only where it overlaps with others is much easier said than done.  This time I traced the shape of the entire finger onto the fusible web and attached it to a piece of scrap fabric the same color as the background.    I was then able to remove all the paper backing of each individual piece and iron it onto the foundation.  I continued to move from dark to light.  When I was ready to put the finger onto the quilt, I could remove the web from the foundation and then iron it on.


IMG_1189This same technique was used on the hummingbird.  This time I did not use fusible web on the foundation.   I decided to stitch the hummingbird separately and sew it to the quilt around its edges.  I am hoping that it will stand out a bit more if it isn’t actually quilted along with the rest of the hand.  This way I can also put a bit of batting behind the bird so it will puff outward.

At this point I had middle and ring finger done.  I put them on last as the palm would layer underneath them.  The forefinger and pinkie were done at the same time as the palm and thumb.  All pieces were placed according to the mylar pattern before being ironed on.


Another technique I used involved cutting a hole in one piece of the pattern and slipping another piece of fabric behind it.  If you look closely at the hummingbird’s eye, you see a white iris and a white highlight behind it.  The white is a piece slipped in behind the eye and it shows through the holes in the eye and surrounding piece.


Yeah!!  Painting is done.  Next I’ll add borders, backing fabric, batting and put together the quilt sandwich.


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