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My dear friend Danielle asked I post pictures of my quilts.  She specifically mentioned the ones on my walls at home.  I live in a glass house and wall space is limited, but here are photos of the quilts on my walls.










This was my first real “art” quilt.   It is not my design.  I learned a lot in the making and had directions to guide me through the process.  It was a Christmas gift to my husband for Christmas in 2010.




Tropical Fish

This design stuck in my head for a long time; years in fact.  I have always been fascinated with M.C. Escher.  I can look at his drawings and try to follow the flow forever.  His tessellation’s intrigued me and I always wanted to create a quilt where fish morphed into lizards and lizards morphed into birds.  I never did get there, but these three fish came out of the design efforts.




This quilt’s name in English is “Twin.”  The story behind the name will be revealed in a future blog.  It was made after a trip to the Galapagos Islands with my sister.



Bird of Paradise

This quilt was made after snapping a photo of a bird of paradise flower along the boardwalk of Pimental, the beach outside of Chiclayo.  I visited my friend Elaine in Chiclayo and visited an ostrich farm just outside of town.  We then went for a walk along the boardwalk of the beach.




Obviously a departure from the art quilt which hangs on the wall, this bedspread is none-the-less on display in my home.  It was an exercise in the quilt-as-you-go technique.






That’s it.   I live in a glass house and have limited wall space.

Please forgive the formatting and the some-what fuzzy photos.  I now remember how tech savvy you needed to be when writing posts with pictures.  For now I probably spend more time figuring out how to do things than actually writing.  This can only get better from now on, right?

I’ll return to the hummingbird quilt next.  Stay tuned.



  1. Thank you Karen. They are all so lovely, I felt that they should be shared. You do such wonderful work, they are truly art!

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