Blogging Anew


After a few years of hit or miss posts, I’ve decided to return to blogging.

Initially I started to blog to share my experiences as my husband and I moved to the north coast of Peru with family and friends we left in the U.S.   I can be a bit long-winded when telling a story, so felt Facebook wasn’t the right platform.  I also didn’t want to send out mass e-mails fearing not everyone I thought would be interested, would be.  With the blog, I can tell my stories and if people are interested, they can tune in.  If not, …  well, that’s ok too.

I quit blogging a few a years ago; mostly because I felt more burdened by the sense I should post than enjoying it.  By that time, we had been in Peru 5 years.  I continued experiencing new adventures, but the story telling became less important.  I posted a few things in the interim years:  when I was working on a project for a class on sustainability or when the local water reservoir collapsed and water became scarce or altogether unavailable in our area.  Those posts were important to me and yet I knew few people ever read them.  My postings had been so few and far in between, my readers had moved on to other things.

Lately, I’ve felt the urge to blog anew.  I have several things in mind:

Flooding in Piura

I continue to have stories to tell about Peru.  This past winter Peru suffered through torrential rains which caused mass flooding, mud slides and huge losses of property and life.  We live in the midst of this.  We feel lucky not to have suffered more damage than we have here at the house but we are having to deal with issues created by the rains….  the most pressing being water.


Over the last several years, I have immersed myself in quilting and other finer arts.  Most of my quilts have a story behind them.  Blogging will give me an opportunity to tell these stories.

Also, the process of quilting has been a journey of discovery for me.  Local resources are non-existent for this craft.  Patchwork is known here, but art quilts are not.  This is wonderful when people see my work and are amazed; and remark how they’ve never seen anything like it.  On the other hand, I’ve had to scour the internet and the US bookstores for methodology and ideas.  My sister, Do, an accomplished and immensely talented quilter has offered immense support and help.  I get 99% of my materials from the states and bring them here.  The bottom line is that I am self-taught; and maybe some of my “discoveries” along the way might be helpful or interesting to someone else.


I will also be offering some quilts for sale.  I’ve been asked to do an exhibition at a restaurant in Piura.  This has launched me into thinking about quilts for sale.

My focus in blogging then will be the quilting; the stories behind them and techniques I’ve discovered which enrich my work.  But also the telling of stories about my life on the north coast of Peru.  I’ll aim for one post a week.  I hope this will be interest to others and that this will be a good format for sharing.  I also hope readers will respond, add their thoughts and interact as they read and follow my continuing journey.



  1. Karen, I am a quilter also and am very excited to read about your quilts, the process of making them and the stories behind them. I started quilting about 5 years ago… don’t find enough time for it, but love it. Debbie Eng Kielsmeier

  2. I love the bubbles on the fish quilt and the musical score on the dancers! You are very talented, Karen. Thank you for sharing!

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