Water delivery

For the majority of us, we can just open a faucet in our kitchen, bathroom or wherever and get water.  We also know, intellectually, that there are many people in this world who do not have easy access to water.  Yesterday we came across this scene in the town of Los Organos (where we do our grocery shopping).  You can see the water truck filling barrels and 5 gallon buckets in front of people’s homes.  Some who are fortunate enough to have a small pump will then pump water into their homes.  Others will carry water in as needed in smaller containers.  Hotels and some homes have larger storage tanks or cisterns.
IMG_0448In January of this year, a large reservoir in Mancora  collapsed.  This reservoir provided much of the water piped into Mancora as well as Vichayito, Los Organos and El Nuro.  Now it is being delivered by trucks.

Finding information on what the government is doing about replacing the reservoir or working toward an alternative solution is difficult.  The web site for the water company hasn’t been updated for a few years.  The newspaper last month had a small blurb about a petition to replace all the officials of the water company.  Rumors are rampant, but no one seems to have any official or accurate information.


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