6 noviembre 2013


Esta mañana empezó muy linda.


Primero, cuando llegué a yoga, Chito estaba enseñando una clase para algunos niños de seis o siete años.  Chito los enseñaba animado y todos los niños estaban atentos y felices.  Chito fingió que ellos estaban en la selva y saludaban a los monos en los arboles.   Luego fingió que eran leones con una voz ferociosa.  ¡Que lindo estuvo este grupo de niños que divirtió mucho.  Pensé que todos los profesores de niños deberían ver como Chito enseñó esta clase.




Un poco más tarde, durante la clase de yoga para adultos, vimos una garceta cerca del patio donde estábamos.  Estaba obvio que esta ave estaba cazando.  Estiraba su cuello al frente y se quedaba inmóvil por un rato.  Entonces, daba un paso con sus piernas largas, y otra vez, estiraba su cuello y esperaba.  De repente, se lanzó su pico en la hierba y capturó un ratoncito.  Lo levantó en su pico y lo tiró adentro de su boca.  Casi dos minutos después, la garceta capturó otro ratoncito.  ¡Que maravillosa es la naturaleza!  No sabía que estas aves comían ratones.  Pensaba que solamente comían peces o mariscos del mar.


This morning started out my day very nicely.

First, when I arrived for my yoga class, Chito was teaching a class to children six or seven years old.  Chito was animated in his teaching and all the kids were attentive and happy.  Chito pretended they were in the jungle and were waving to the monkeys in the trees.  Then he pretended they were lions, all with a very fierce roar.  It was so fun to watch this group of kids having so much fun.  I thought all elementary school teachers should watch Chito teaching this class.

A bit later, during the yoga class for adults, we saw an egret close to the patio where we were.  He was obviously hunting.  He would stretch out his neck in front of him, then stay perfectly still for a bit.  Then he would take a step with his long legs, and, again, stretch out his neck and freeze.  Suddenly, he thrust out his beak and captured a mouse.  He lifted it up and tossed it into his mouth.  A couple of minutes later, he caught another mouse.  How wonderful nature is!

I had no idea that egrets ate mice.  I thought they only ate fish or animals of the sea. 




  1. Karen,
    Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Chito’s ability to get the children to use their imaginations is a great way to teach them too! The egret eating the mice is interesting, I would have thought that fish would have been more appealing to an egret than mice.

  2. Beautiful egret picture! I didn’t know you were doing yoga so much – is it helping how you feel? I’m looking forward to hearing more about what you two are up to! You always have fun adventures and projects going. Muchas brasos!

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