1 November 2013

My cousin,  Ginny, recently pointed out that I had not written on my blog since July. And, yes, sadly, that is true. Our internet service is a bit “dodgy” (as the British would say) so sometimes trying to download photos and put an entry together has been more an exercise in frustration than anything pleasant. Recently, I have made a more concerted effort to master Castillano (known to most of the world as Spanish) and thought that blogging in Castillano would help me achieve that goal. This, of course, does mean that the blogs will appear in “Spanish.” This, for some of you, will be a chance to practice a language not used often. For others, it will not make any sense. Fear not, my friends….I am going to try to blog first in Castillano and then translate into English. First in Castillano so I am not just translating, but hopefully thinking and writing in Castillano first, then in English.

Note:  Technically, Castillano is the language, whereas Spanish refers to the people of Spain.  Who knew?

pruebaTodos las lunes, miércoles y viernes tomo clases de yoga en la malecón de Los Organos.  Hay un espacio afuera y tiene una vista maravillosa de la playa y el mar!  Mi yogi, se llama Chito, también es maravilloso!  Generalmente hay diez estudiantes y todos tienen niveles diferentes.   Pero Chito enseñas cada uno con posturas adecuado para cada uno.  Y siempre nos dices que ¡necesitamos una sonrisa en todas las posturas!

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I go to yoga classes on the boardwalk of Los Organos.  The clases are held on a patio outside with a beautiful view of the beach and ocean.  My yogi, Chito, is also wonderful!  Generally there are about ten students and everyone is at a different level.  But Chito teaches each one of us with postures appropriate to our own level.  He always tells us that we need to smile while posing!


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