3 July 2013 Animales

This morning Doug’s sleep was disturbed by our two cats who were being rambunctious.  He scooted both of the cats outside, only to discover that the reason for their commotion was a mouse.

He proceeded to swat the mouse with my (yes, MY) shoe.  He managed to stun it enough to render it immobileimgres, at which point he could get it outside.  Doug had chased both cats outside at the beginning of the commotion.  Once the mouse was outside, Yoda was the one who latched onto it, and, who knows what happened from there?  DSC00346

Oh, such innocents!

Later this morning, I walked out of the bedroom and found footprints on  the cushions of the outdoor furniture.  I began to brush them off, and Yoda promptly left the scene.  When I moved to the second cushion, I found Chewy sandwiched between two pillow and buried under the back cushion!  What a pair!


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