1 July 2013 Wind Farm

Up until most recently, we have driven by a sign saying a stretch of land between Talara and Sullana would be a wind farm.  We are now actually seeing some of it come together.


We passed several long convoys of trucks heading to the site.  Each one loaded with a hub, a blade or, in this case a tower.  These parts are huge!

IMG_0164 IMG_0160








We figure each of the trailers is about 40 feet long and the blades are longer than the double trailer.  Therefore, we figure each of the three blades for each tower is about 100ft. long.  The towers themselves are probably between 200 and 300 feet high.  A little research told us each blade may make 10 to 22 rotations per minute and the speed of the point of the blade might be 300 feet per second.  Each tower may require up to an acre and a half of space.

So far there are no towers erected, but we do see a cement plant on site and the parts scattered across the area.  As we travel to Piura fairly frequently, we should be able to watch this wind farm develop.



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