23 May 2013 Fire!

IMG_0154  As we approached Los Organos this morning for our daily shopping trip, we noticed a plume of smoke rising about the hillside.  The closer we got, we realized the source of the fire was probably somewhere  in town.  After arriving in town it was apparent the fire was very close to the market stall we  frequent.  There were crowds of people everywhere; in the plaza looking down the street, on the hillside behind, in window of adjacent buildings, and all along the sidewalks leading in to the market.  Some were saying that one of the stores was aflame, another told me it was a car fire.


There is no fire department or fire fighting equipment in the area.  We did see someone carry a fire extinguisher toward the fire.  Several sirens blared; city security vehicles and a police motorcycle.  Within 15 minutes of our arrival a large dump truck filled with dirt arrived as did a large bulldozer.  Between the two of them, the managed to put the fire out.










The pick-up was totally destroyed.  Fortunately, no one was hurt.  The adjacent cement building was scorched and lost the canopy along side the building.  There was a man on the roof throwing buckets of water down the side trying to prevent any further damage.



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