16 March https://36keys.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php#2013 More than one way to fill the pool.

It is definitely the rainy season.  One night last week we had over two inches of rain.  We’d been waiting for the water trucks to come, and they kept telling us maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day and days went by.  However, if we have to rely on the rain to fill the pool, it would take 24 days at 2″ per night!


And, with an average annual rainfall of 5 inches, that’s asking a lot!







The other down side to the rain is that parts of the road turn into slimy mud and it becomes impassable.   After the night of 2″, we couldn’t get out for a couple of days.



In an emergency, we could get down onto the beach and into Nuro…. but that depends on the tide and the wash coming out of the  quebradas.








However, here is what happened to a diving instructor from Mancora as he tried to travel by the beach.











Finally, on Thursday the water truck came and we began to fill the pool!  It has been almost a year since we’ve had water in the pool.  We had one truck on Wednesday, three trucks onThursday and another on Friday.  This gave us enough water to run the circulation pumps and chemicals.  BUT….we still have a leak!?!?!?  (Actually, my thoughts are considerably stronger than that, but I won’t go there.)  We think the leak is in the return system as the water returns to the pool after going through the filter.  The BIG problem is we don’t know where the leak is and the entire system is under concrete.  Ugh!


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