24 February 2013 The pool is painted!

Finally, the pool got two coats of epoxy paint!


DSC01475Justin and Doug began the painting late in the afternoon on Wednesday.  Juana swept and mopped the pool as they progress along its length.  She has  been a real trouper; keeping the pool swept over the last couple of weeks as we waited for the paint to arrive.  Until you are actually down in the pool, you don’t realize how freakin’ hot it is….it’s like an oven….or like the reflectors we used to make out of cardboard and tin foil to tan our face.  (Anyone remember those?)



It took them about two and a half hours to put down the first coat.  We began the second coat after a couple of hours rest.   Doug and I finished the second coat on Thursday.  This is when you know just how big your pool really is!

Then on Friday, Doug and I measured out the lines and taped them off to paint.  The color of the lines is a brilliant blue, which made the other paint appear green.  Thankfully, once it dried and we stood back, the blue tint in the rest of the pool returned.









The paint in the pool needs a week to cure.

Next we have to put the jets, lights and filters back in.  Finally, we get to put water in it and enjoy our pool once again after almost a full year!!




    1. We are getting really excited and planning a party with the kids from Mama Coche once it is full. We’ve really missed them, as they have missed the pool.

      1. We’re looking forward to the pictures! I’ll bet they will be so excited to get back into the pool with you guys.

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