11 February 2013 New doors, or not!

We contracted with a local carpenter to replace our sliding glass doors.  Originally they were all made with aluminum and were very nice, BUT the rollers gave out and we have not been able to use our front door for more than a year.  This is why we decided to change all the sliding glass doors out for wood ones.

Measurements were taken and wood bought.  As with any woodworking project, the wood needs to dry…and this is especially important here at the desert/beach.  Knowing this, we knew the project would not begin for at least a couple of months.  We then went in search of tracks to mount the new doors.  The local equivalent of “Home Depot” (located in Piura; two and a half hours away)  either didn’t have the tracks and rollers in stock, or didn’t have enough for the project when we traveled to find them.  We finally got them by buying enough in Piura and the rest in Sullana.

Chino, the carpenter, was working for our neighbor and was finally ready to install our doors around the 20th of January.  This was the start of the problem.  He came and took measurements and them retreated to his workshop to make the frames.  However, things didn’t work out and he had to return to take more measurements and retreated to his workshop to make the adjustments.  Meanwhile, the original doors and windows had been removed and we were exposed to the elements, animals and whatever.


Here you can see everything taken out and the opening into our living room….it looks huge!!!!  No doors, nada!!!


Doug had to improvise to secure the gaping holes of our front and studio doors.  At least the neighbor’s dog and the local wildlife wouldn’t enter during the night.



About the time we were ready to throw our hands up in the air, Chino came through and arrived with the materials for the door for the living room.  The were installed and function very nicely.  However, the doors for the studio had already been removed and it was another several days before they arrived to install them.



So now we had doors in the living room and studio.  They were installed, but not finished…. the lower tracks haven’t been installed, final adjustments were made by Doug, and both lacked screens.







Then Chino moved upstairs to the doors for the dining room and master bedroom.  At this point, we had a discussion with him about not wanting the old doors out for more than a day before the new ones went in.  Yes, ok, but a week later, we still don’t have doors in place.

Chino assured us they would be here Friday to install the doors.  Friday came and his wife got sick so he had to take her to a clinic in Piura.  Saturday came and his wife was better and they had returned home, but they couldn’t come because there were problems with the doors.  The doors didn’t match the measurements they had taken at the house.  But, for sure, they would be here Sunday.  Sunday arrived and Chino’s right had man came to tell us they would be here Monday, for sure, he gave his word!  Chino confirmed this later by telephone.

You guessed…..Monday came, and no workers.  I called Chino and he told me they would be there in the afternoon.  At four o’clock in the afternoon, as I was working on varnishing the outdoor furniture, I was thinking about the doors, the workers, the promises…. and I started to get angrier and angrier.  I got royally pissed off!

Chino’s workers showed up about 4:45 with the wood and tools to install the doors.  Chino was not with them.  This is where I went into gear!

Is this all of our wood?  Is there more wood that is ours in Chino’s workshop?

Where is the varnish and mineral spirits we bought for the project?

Is there anything that is ours that is in your possession?

OK.  Enough is enough.  There is no more work for you to do.  I will finish this project myself!

I gave Chino’s assistant a thrashing for giving me his word and not following through…. he wanted to blame it on Chino and told me it wasn’t his fault, but I reminded him it was his word that he gave….not Chino’s.

Chino showed up later and started to give us excuses for why things weren’t progressing.  He pointed at all the wood and the materials now laid out in our yard ready for installation.  And he told us that indeed they were there on Monday, as promised.  This was about 5:30.

If you don’t know about my dander…..once it is riled, there is no stopping it and it can be quite powerful.  Thankfully, it takes a lot to get it going.

Note:  I’ve been trying to load more pics for the last couple of hours with no luck.  After being so frustrated today with everything else, I don’t have the patience for this….If I can do it tomorrow, I will update the post.



  1. Wow! Your house is beautiful. I don’t know if its a good thing or a bad thing that contractors the same in Peru as they do in North Dakota, USA!

  2. Time to go for a walk….then come back and have a glass of wine, put your feet up and gaze out at the ocean. Remember that you are loved, the weather is good, the view is awesome, and your sweetie is with you. Ooooooooommmmmmmmmmm breathe deep, my friend!!! Love you!

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