3 February 2013 Super Bowl Sunday

WooHoo!  We set up a “theatre” outside on the terrace.  All the new patio furniture was finished (except for the varnish) and we set up the TV outside.  Since it has been so hot, it was nice to be outside with a bit of a breeze.








Jim and Dani came to watch the game.  Both Ravens fans and came prepared to root for their team…..









Doug was given a 49ers t-shirt and hat which he donned to support his team……..


We had some hot wings for snacks and then a delicious dinner of chicken mole and asparagus.

I wish I had an audio recording of Dani as she “cawed” and cheered for her team….she was great fun!  The game was also a good one; and came with a surprise ending… the safety!?!?






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  1. Hi Karen Marc HAS BEEN TRYING TO REACH DOUG.n not find his email and we tried to call and no luck. nothing major, we just miss you guys and Marc would like to visit with Doug. Sounds like things are good with you. Wish air fare was a little cheaper. We hired a helper so it is easier to get away. Love you and miss you Diane

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