1 February 2013 Finally product!

After many months in transit and in customs, we finally received our product to repair the pool.  Customs here in Peru required us to pay an amount more than the actual value of the product to import it…. but, what are you to do?  It isn’t available in Peru…. ya, we feel like we got stuck!

Anyway, Justin and Jim came to help “paint” the pool and Dani and I provided food and moral (sometimes immoral) support.  The product needed to go on in three parst and all three parts needed to be applied in the same day.  The first part was a layer of “rubberized” paint to coat everything, including down in the cracks.  The second application was a thicker mixture to fill in the cracks.  Finally, another coat of the rubberized paint needed to be applied.  The guys started at about seven o’clock in the morning and didn’t finish until after seven that night…  They were able to take a break between layers as they needed to wait until the previous layer dried.

IMGP3235 IMGP3236 IMGP3237 IMGP3238 IMGP3239 IMGP3240










































































The next step will be to replace all the lights, jets and screens.  Then get them glued and siliconed in.

We will also need to paint over everything with another two coats of pool paint.

I feel like we should start a lottery to see if anyone can guess the actual date when we will have water in the pool and we can swim again!!!


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