21 January 2013 Surfing lesson

Our friend Yvo Chichizola, who is building a bungalow on property very close to us, is here visiting and overseeing the work on his construction.  Yvo was a world class surfer in his prime.  I asked him to give me a surfing lesson, as this is something I have never tried.  I was lots of fun and I hope to talk him into a couple of follow-up lessons while he is here.

Yvo Chichiloza
Yvo Chichiloza















He makes it look sooooo easy!

beach school
beach school















And it is so not!

Yvo sends me off.
Yvo sends me off.















On my own..
On my own..















There were several other people on the beach and in the water, so I was a bit nervous about being able to avoid them.

I was able to catch several waves and get up on my knees.  I just didn’t have the strength to “pop” up onto my feet.  More work on the ground and training exercises here I come!

Our neighbor Ricky on a boogie board.
Our neighbor Ricky on a boogie board.















I’ve also made some good progress on my terrace furniture.  It was really exciting to get past the drudgery of sanding each piece and start the assembly.  Two more chairs to go and a coffee table.








  1. I have been thinking of you a lot!!! There is a huge loom for sale in our little town’s classifieds and for some reason it made me think of you. I hope you are well, it sounds like you are!

    1. Good luck surfing. I like your pillows on the sofa. It’s still cold here and rainy. I’m preparing for two Scottish programs on the harp this week. I keep finding more music than I’ll have time to play. Take care.

  2. Love the outdoor furniture. Pretty pillows. Good luck on the surfing. I look forward to a video of you surfing. I have no doubt that you’ll “git ‘er done”!

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