11 January 2013 Mystery meat it isn’t!

I went to the market this morning looking for something other than chicken.  The “chicken lady” (really, some day I will have to find out her name!) had some pork.  So, I asked for a kilo (2.2 lbs.).  This is how I know it is pork.

However, it is totally unrecognisable!  This is a mixture of bone, bone fragments, fat, gristle, and meat.  What do you do with such a mush!  I decided to separate the meat from the bones and trim off what I could and see what was left.  I was thinking a stir fry was the likely option.  And, I was surprised that after all the trimming and boning I was left with 80% of the kilo in usable meat.

(just a note:  I had pictures, but my computer doesn’t want to cooperate in loading them.  Imagine it.  Imagine the most incredible jumble of bones, fat, meat and gristle and you’ve got it.



  1. My most memorable meat dishes were cow’s udder (very strong milk taste) and pork fat in tomato sauce – with the bristles still intact….that, and the fish head I was served at a camp, which I traded with someone. I know it is supposed to be an honor, but I was less than excited about it!!!

    1. Did you ever try the cuy (guinea pig)? When it was first served to me it still had it’s head and claws attached. I had a hard time getting past that….but since then I’ve had some very delicious cuy.

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