8 January 2013 The Veterinarian moves in.

Temporarily…..Jaime had an office in Los Organos, but couldn’t afford to keep it.  The primary reason was that people owed him money and didn’t pay him for his services.  So, for the last several months, he has been an itinerant veterinarian…traveling between Mancora and Chiclayo, providing services to clients.  He is the one who came to our house to sterilize the kittens when they were a few months old.

Last week Stormy quit eating and lost a lot of her energy.  Jaime took a blood test which determined that she had a tick born disease….  Ehrilichiosis.   It can be fatal, but is also treatable if discovered early enough.  She will need to have four injections every day for 5-7 days; these being antibiotics and vitamins.  We are supplementing her food with bovine spleen…actually available here locally in the market.  After this, she will need to take 30 days of oral medicine.  In addition, she will have to undergo chemotherapy.  This is somewhat like hepatitis in that she will always have it, but it won’t always produce symptoms.  Yikes!



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