31 December 2012 Advantages to indoor cats.

There are definite advantages to having indoor cats!  Our cat, Yoda, was not to be found when we were ready for bed last night.  Chewy was anxious to get to bed, but Yoda wasn’t around.  I went to take a shower and left the door open a crack, figuring she would come in once she realized the lights in the kitchen were off.  When I finished my shower, I came out onto the terrace to see if I could find Yoda….and I saw her playing with something….  Not unusual, she is quite the hunter.  I turned on the light and came over to see what she was playing with….a corral snake!

0  I ran back into the bedroom and woke Doug up..”Doug, wake up!  Yoda has a corral snake!”  He jumps up out of bed, and comes out onto the terrace.  After a quick look he goes into the kitchen to grap some tongs (yes, out of my drawer) and comes back out to get the snake.  At this point, I’ve managed to distract Yoda enough to get her away from the snake and into the bedroom.  The snake was close to death, if not dead, and Doug disposed of it in the hills across the driveway.

This morning when Doug got up, Yoda was again on the terrace with the very same snake!  So, once again, Doug took it off…this time over the fence and across the road onto the beach.

I had to laugh a bit.  Thank goodness for Doug.  What would I have done if he weren’t here?  I began to think of all the times I called upon him for some kind of unpleasantry….expecting him to come rescue me.


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