27 December 2012 New project

I have been working on another project for the last couple of weeks.  Three weeks ago, we went to Talara and bought lumber for an outdoor sectional seating and coffee table.  I gave them a cut list for lumber and it was ready for me in a couple of hours.  The lumber was rough and needed to be dried, so we leaned it up against the water tower to DSC01261let it dry.

  While the wood was drying, I began to make the cushions for the seats and throw pillows.  I got the material in the market in Talara.  I also took our veterinarian to Talra and he helped me find foam.  One of the stalls in the market, quite close to the fabric stall, had foam.  But what she had in stock were pieces one meter square….what I really wanted were sheets one by three meters in size.  After some discussion, she agreed to order some sheet for me.  I was able to go back the following week to pick them up.


This week the wood was dry enough to begin to work with it.  I started with the chop saw and cut all the pieces.  These I sorted into piles for each piece of the sectional.






We bought a hand-held planer and I’ve started to plane the rough lumber.  Of the six pieces of furniture, I have the wood for three ready to sand.  I am waiting for a Kreg jig, which I ordered through Amazon and had sent to Mandy.  She has sent it on by USPS and hopefully it will arrive by the time I am ready to start assembly.



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