17 December 2012

It feels like summer is here!!  It is 89 degrees and the sun is out in full force.  Usually summer doesn’t really get going until mid January and lasts until April.  Hope this doesn’t mean a hotter summer than usual.

We have had many animals get into the house during the night.  This morning Doug walked into the kitchen to find six kittens in the cat food.  As soon as he entered, they scattered….some outside, a couple behind the refrigerator and one down stairs.  The one downstairs kept bouncing off the windows trying to get out.  Doug finally managed to get it back up stairs and out the door.  The two behind the refrigerator came out to eat some more and were easily shuffled outside.  Our neighbor’s one cat of two years has now populated their property with eight!  Generally the Peruvians do not spay or neuter their animals, but I’m thinking at some point they are going to want to curb the growth!  We, as neighbors, would greatly appreciate it!

I wanted to blog about our trip to Chililique with Sheyla, but my computer does not now recognize an SD card.  I won’t be able to get it fixed until I get to the states in late March or April.  However, if you want to see the pictures and read about it, go to Doug’s Facebook page.  He posted lots of pictures and wrote about our adventures.  (Doug Bowe…for Facebook).


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