6 December 2012

Wow!  It has been a long time since I’ve blogged…..

First, a health update.  At my last visit to the cardiologist, my blood pressure was still high, so he put me on meds for high blood pressure as well as for the arrhythmia.  I was then to check my blood pressure each day to see how the meds were working.  At these daily checks, my blood pressure has always been on the low side, if not dangerously low.  Yesterday it registered as 60/40.  I’ve called the doc, and he suggested I take only 1/2 to dosage.  Even with this change, my pressure continue to be unstable and low.  I’ve now gone off the medication all together but haven’t seen any significant change.  I’ll return to see the doctor in the next week or two and hopefully we can get this sorted out.

Meanwhile, I’ve had stomach troubles.  I won’t gross you out with details, but leave it at feeling crappy for the last week.


We are going to visit Sheyla’s family in her home village over the weekend.  Sheyla is Sanches and Juana’s niece.  Her village is a small one; population of 600, counting all the children.  It is far enough out I suspect it has no cell phone or internet connection…so, we’ll truly be out of touch for a couple of days.

I wanted to take a gift, and this is what I came up with.  It’s a basket made with  fabric strips wrapped around a cotton clothesline and then sewn together; braided rug style.

We are also planning on baking some sourdough bread to take with us.  We’ve never seen sourdough available here, and the Peruvians we’ve shared it with seem to really enjoy it.



I feel like I am back in the construction phase of the house!  Armando and his brothers, and Doug are building a carport.

DSC01096This was a bit tricky because the wall isn’t straight!  The structure is done and the next step is to put the tar paper and shingles on.  On the upper side, we’ll build a fence and landscape.  It will be nice to have someplace out of the sun to park cars.









Meanwhile Sanches and John continue to clean to old cement and grout from the pool sides and edges.  It has amazed me how constant these guys work.  They are both like machines; just keep plugging away at it.  Jhon has been in the pool six days a week, eight hours a day, for almost a month chipping at tiles and and grinding the old cement and grout off.  The product to fix the pool is in transit from the US and should arrive in Lima in about a week.  Hopefully Doug won’t have to go to Lima to receive it as it comes off the container; but we will have to see.

DSC01099Take a look at the dust Jhon’s creating!  In the last couple of days the wind has blown it back toward the house so the flowers now look like they have a dusting of snow!  Just in time for Christmas!!



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