Zapo at Laura family celebration 11 November 2012

Today was another celebration for the Laura family.  Maximo’s sister’s boy turned 18.  This is the age of “adulthood” when he will be able to apply for a state ID card, and be considered an adult.  As is usual with Peruvian’s, the celebration was elaborate with a three tiered cake, candles, fireworks, candies, goodies, a full meal and more nibbles to follow.  Everyone….literally everyone in attendance had their picture taken with the birthday boy with cousins, alone, with girlfriends, friends, brother, sisters, nieces and nephews, then just the nieces, then just the nephews….and on and on.  The “photographer” was taking pictures with an iPad and must have taken a thousand photos!

After the meal, we all went up to the rooftop to play Zapo (translates Frog).  This typical Peruvian game involves tossing coin like discs trying to hit the frog’s mouth.  Holes in the top platform slide down into slots with varying values.  Each player gets a chance to toss ten tokens.  Scores ranged from 0 to 5200.


Doug and I decided to leave at about 6:00 when it was just beginning to get dark….but we were not allowed to leave until Happy Birthday was sung and the cake cut!  We had to insist on leaving or would have been lured into staying until who knows when!


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