Laura family celebration 10 November 2012

Doug and I traveled to Lima on Saturday to celebrate Karín and Carlos´ wedding.  Karín is a niece of Maximo´s and his executive assistant…She is the one who sets up all of his exhibitions and shows, deals with publicity, and his other business affairs.

It was a very nice Catholic wedding.  I was amazed at how similar the ceremony was to a US wedding.  Directly after the service, the group moved into a hall for a reception where toasts were made and the couple danced together.  The traditions of the bride throwing the bouquet and the groom removing, then throwing the garter were all part of the celebration.  





The reception lasted about 45 minutes and then the bride and groom left, and the rest followed shortly thereafter.  The REAL party was later…by invitation only we gathered at a Coast Guard facility for a sit-down dinner, music and dancing.  Peruvians are great fans of dancing and love their parties.  About midnight three figures appeared to really liven things up.  One was a headless man dressed in a suit, another a rasta singer sitting atop someone’s shoulders, and the third a joker on stilts.  These guys took the energy to another level in no time at all and got everyone involved….no sitting and watching with this going on!











  Check out those stilts!  Don’t they look like fun?!?



It was a great celebration and we left the young folks about 2:30 am to return to the hotel.  I hear the last people left the party at about 4 am.


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