28 September 2012

Hoorah!  We’re home.  I’ve always liked coming home after a trip, but it was especially nice to be greeted so warmly by Juana and Sanchez!  They had the house looking so nice and clean for us.

Stormy was so excited she jumped up into the pickup the instant I opened the door.  She was running and jumping around like a mad dog but with a huge grin on her face.



  1. Yes, arriving home always makes me feel sooooo relaxed! Like losing all the stress. Lucky you to have Sanchez n’ Juana. Can’t wait to arrive home soon too. Jim is now finished work as of the 20th n’ is hanging out at Granville. I’ve got another 3 (count them….one, two, three) days of work, then the plan is for Jim to come n’ get me, take me out to Granville n’ cut firewood. Hopefully we can get that done quickly, shut down the houses n’ head south. Plan so far is I’m going to Ottawa. The 26th of Oct we’re celebrating Dad’s B’day. I’m hoping to be gone from North America by the 31st. Not much longer Karen. Can hardly wait to see your smiling face in Mancora or Los Organos. Care to make a date for beer n’ ceviche? Cheers!

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