23 June 2012

Summer solstice and celebrating with the FOOP’s.  I’ll leave the FOOP’s for another entry…

Dani and her fellow FOOP’s celebrate the summer solstice each year with a camping trip to Keno.  Keno is a small town; boasting a population of 12.  Small, but rich in history and frequented by many.

On the drive we spotted three moose!





































We also saw a brown bear by the roadside, but didn’t get a chance to stop to snap a picture.

As I said, Keno is a very small town.  However, it had a lot to offer (besides the campground) and we had a blast.

Hotel, now closed down and empty, but being renovated for a future opening.


Or…is it empty?




















Library; door unlocked. Functions like a book exchange.

















“Bottle house” The entire outside surface is insulated with stubby beer bottles.















There is also a hike you can do from town; 11 kilometers uphill to the top of the ridge.  There were some amazing views even though the weather wasn’t clear.

















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