17 June 2012 continued


On our way back from mining camp at Granville, Dani and I visited the Dredge #4.

The dredge was built in 1912 for the Canadian Klondike Mining Co. and began operation on a claim below Discovery on Bonanza Creek in 1913.  It was in use until 1940, and then rebuilt by the Yukon Consolidated Gold Corporation.  The YCGC operated the dredge from 1941 until 1959.

At one point, at the mouth of Hunker Creek, the dredge produced as much as 800 ounces of gold in one day.

It was electrically operated by the company’s hydroelectric plant 30 miles distant on the Klondike River.  It required 920 continuous horsepower while running.

This dredge is 2/3 rds the size of a football field and 8 stories tall!

Some of the cogs inside were as large as 16 feet in diameter.


Machinery for the digging arm.








The control room. All the levers and maneuvering apparatus were operated by one man.










Sluice chutes.