26 July 2012

Doug and I have both had complete physicals in the past month; I had mine before I left for my trip and he had his when he came to Lima to meet me afterwards.  The results weren’t the most positive, but we will have to work with them.  Hopefully making some lifestyle changes, such as diet, will help.

Doug was diagnosed with diabetes.  This wasn’t a huge surprise as he has been borderline diabetic for some time.  He will next need to take  glucose tolerance and insulin tolerance tests to determine the course of treatment.

The doctors discovered that I have ventricular arrhythmia.  This was confirmed during a 24 hour period when I was attached to a heart monitor.  I will be following up with a cardiologist in Piura (two+ hours away) soon.  Meanwhile, I have been feeling quite anxious and have suffered a few anxiety attacks.

Both Doug and I started a diet when we got home…for the time being, no more oils, butter or dressings!  I have lost a bit more than 4 kilos, while Doug has lost a bit more than 3 kilos.

In other, more positive news, we have accepted an offer on our Greenbriar house.  While it is sad to see it go, we also have many great memories of our time there.



  1. How are you feeling? Hope things are evening out for you and you are de-stressing. We leave for Boston on Friday – I’m not sure I’m looking forward to the sticky heat back there but it’s supposed to be 91 here this weekend. Got my kitchen painted and the fabric on my “flower picture”. It is really heavy now, though. I’ll need special hangars to get it up on the wall. I’ll send pictures when it is up. Sending you virtual hugs….

  2. Karen … sorry to hear about your heart issue. 😦 Seems like our family has some pretty bad genes when it comes to heart stuff. Hope that whatever treatments you can do will work for you!

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