14-15 July 2012

From Chicago, my itinerary took me to the city of Whitehorse in the Yukon, Canada.  Our good friends Dani and Jim work in the Dawson area during the summers, and then summer in Peru.  (Winter in Canada, but summer south of the equator.)  I had never been to the Yukon and was looking forward to seeing the sights and enjoy good company.  The views from the airplane between Vancouver BC and Whitehorse were spectacular!








Dani’s friend, Gwen, met me at the airport in Whitehorse and I spent the night with her.  Even though it was close to 10:00 at night, the sun was still up.  The views from Gwen’s house were equally beautiful and I enjoyed her sense of humor in the garden.



The next morning we drove up to Dawson City, about a five hour drive.  The scenery along the way, once again, was spectacular.








Yukon River








The scenery was also dotted with purple, yellow, white and pink wildflowers.

In the late afternoon, we arrived at Dani’s house outside of Dawson City.  It was so good to see her.  From the time we first met I felt we would be good friends; things just clicked for us and it seems like we’ve always known each other.

Shortly after arriving and unloading, we went into Dawson City; partly to show me around a bit and partly to pick up groceries as we were going to go out to Jim’s mining camp.  At first sight, I knew I was going to like Dawson City.  It has a lot of character which reflects its history as the center of a gold rush in 1896.  Dawson City had a population of about 500 in 1986, and soon became the largest city west of Winnepeg in 1898 with 30,000 people.
















Also known as the “office.”


We stopped in at the “office” for a couple of drinks.  Dani seemed to know most everyone there and it was fun to be introduced around.  Later we went to the Drunken Goat for a greek meal.


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