26 May 2012

Saturday my friend Maricruz fed me lunch at her home.  Maricruz and her husband, Antonio, stayed at our home last July during Peru´s national holiday.  Antonio was the chief of the highway police for the district of Piura.  Local officers approached us and asked us to rent him and his family one of the bungalows as they were unable to locate any rooms at the local hotels or hostels.  We were quite firm that we did not rent our bungalows, especially to people we don´t know, but finally agreed to have them stay with the understanding that there were no services.  As it turned out, we thoroughly enjoyed this family and have become quite good friends.

After lunch, Maricruz took me to Gamara, which is the fabric district of Lima.  Gamara is a street, but this district encompasses many blocks of multiple storied buildings with shops to anyone heart´s content.  They sell anything related to clothing as well as clothing.  You can buy threads, sheets, towels, blankets, underwear, clothes of all types, yarns, machines…..you name it!  Most of the stores in outerlying areas shop here and then resell the merchandise in their own store.  This was my second trip to the district and am so thankful for my friends who have taken me…it is quite overwhelming.



  1. Hi Karen, I take it you are now on your way north. Just like a migrating bird, returning north for the summer. Looking forward to your arrival. Hope the numbness goes away. Stay healthy. Have fun. You can shop again in Gamara when you return to the big city of Lima. Cheers!

    1. I leave Lima Tuesday and will start my migration north in Denver. Ive gotten to visit a lot of friends in Lima which has been a lot of fun. Health wise I’ll take it one step at a time. I think there will be some life style changes to make… less alcohol for sure and more exercise. A new attitude wouldn’t be unwelcome either. I’m tired of the depression being a battle each day. Love you guys and am truly looking forward to being with and visiting with you. Karen

  2. hi Karen, sounds like you and Doug are living the life. Doug called Marc and said that he had left a message for me. I can’t find it and i also can’t find Doug’s email. So, would you ask him to email me again. We sure miss you guys a lot. We are trying to come down for the month of October, if i can find reasonable airfare tickets.

    1. Diane,
      Too bad you guys have missed each other. I am now in Cheyenne with my sisters. Next I´ll be off to Chicago to visit with Mandy…then on to the Yukon to visit friends there. I´ll be in Oregon in the first part of July. I´m hoping to go to the last show of the Molalla Buckaroo with you guys…do you want me to buy tickets?
      Here’s Doug’s e-mail; equine.paint@gmail.com. He also forwarded an e-mail where LAN Peru has a special going now for roundtrip flights for $599 form Miami and $799 from LA. Both are good prices…The problem with Miami is that you have a cross country flight to get there that will make the saving wash out. Needless to say, we would love to see you in October!
      Love you both,

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