24 May 2012

On Wednesday I flew from Talara to Lima via Star Peru.  Talara is much closer to our home than the next nearest airport in Piura.  Piura has many flights to Lima throughout the week, but the airline serving Piura, LAN, charges foreigners three times more than they charge Peruvians.  Flying from Piura is expensive enough that we usually choose to take the bus.  The flight out of Talara was only an hour and a half long, cost about the same as the bus which takes 18 hours….pretty obvious choice.

Thursday I had a complete physical check-up.  I visited Suiza Lab and got checked in early in the morning.  They gave me a folder with vouchers for all the exams I was to have:  blood, urine and fecal tests, gynecological and PAP exams, orthodontic and eye exams, electrocardiogram and stress test, mammogram plus a general exam by a doctor.  All this was accomplished before noon!  I was impressed with how efficient and comprehensive the check-up was.

One problem surfaced during the check-up.  My heart had an arhythmic beat.  This will have to be address later with a cardiologist.  The stress test was normal however, which is good news.

Another problem I am dealing with is that part of my right hand is numb.  I woke up Wednesday morning and my outside part of the palm, ring finger and pinky were asleep…except the sensation hasn’t gone away.  The doctor said it could be because I slept on my shoulder wrong and pinched some nerves.



  1. Can you get your hand to wake up by rotating the wrist? I have gotten carpal tunnel with all the painting we have been doing. I wake up often in the night with the hand completely asleep. Rotating it around and around (and around) will wake it up. I’ve also gotten a wrist brace that is strictly for night. It keeps my hand open (I tend to sleep with my hand under my pillow, fisted). I also use Vitamin B 6 which helps a lot! I don’t know if that helps you at all – especially if the nerve is pinched in your shoulder, but it is worth a try.

    We’re back on the internet – whoo hoo. Look forward to keeping up with your “happenings” now!

    1. Actually, no. I’ve tried a lot of massage and stretching front to back; but not sideways. I will try it, for sure…anything is worth a try. Thanks for the tips! I am so…anxious to see you. Please be sure to send me your new address so I can find you when I arrive. Love you, Karen

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