18 May 2012

This morning we went to Mancora to the bank and then on the pharmacy to get more of the cream for my rash.  I had to laugh!  After giving the clerk my money and after she dug around in her drawer for change, she turns to me and says “I don’t have enough change to give you.  Do you need anything else?…vitamins….?”  I then think to ask her for an antihistamine to help with the itching.  OK.  So when she hands me the cream, she also hands me two pills; my change.

I’ve had this happen before in Peru.  Sometimes at the grocery store they will be short a few centimos and will offer a hard candy to compensate.  Surprisingly enough this seems to happen more in the stores and not in the stall of the market.  In the market, if a vendor doesn’t have change, they will walk off to another stall to get it for you.


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