12 May 2012


I now have this rash on my left shoulder,my right side and across my lower abdomen.  It appeared last week and has not responded to anti-fungal or cortisone creams.  As it seemed to be spreading, we went to the doctor in Mancora this morning.  It turns out it is a skin rash caused by some kind of allergy to some thing I ate.  The only thing we can think of that has been new in the last week, was a frozen package of seafood containing shrimp, calamari, octopus, scallops and possibly clams.  In the past, I have had trouble with clams…usually throwing them up after eating them.   I wish I knew for sure what it was that triggered the rash so I could avoid it in the future.  The doctor gave me a HUGE shot to calm the reaction and included an anti-inflamatory.  He also prescribed a cream to apply twice a day.  The consultation and the shot cost me S/.40 (equivalent to about $15.00).  The medication cost me S/.5 (close to $2).

In another health related experience:  I have been trying to set up an annual physical through our insurance in Lima before my trip to the states.  The insurance company listed tests that would be covered for their insured at my age which included an electrocardiogram, a mammogram and, among others, a PAP smear.  My good friend in Lima, who is also a doctor, has been trying to help me get this set up.  She wrote to me last night to say that my insurance company would come to my house (or location) to complete the exam.  Well, that didn’t make much sense…. so she is calling the insurance company on my behalf to straighten it out.  Weird….but then again, this is Peru!

Doug was stopped by the highway patrol today.  The officer was a new one, and once stopped, another officer came over to clue him in that Doug is a friend to the police.  The first officer apologized and waved Doug on.  Even though there is quite a turnover in the police, there are still some that introduce us as friends of the force and they let us alone.





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