8 May 2012

I woke up this morning to an absolutely gorgeous sunrise.  I am waking up every morning at sunrise but will often just go back to sleep.  Our bedroom is situated so we have an outstanding view of the sun as it comes up.








Unfortunately, our pool is out of commission once again.  We’ve discovered more than 50 small cracks along both sides of the pool.  We dug down by one crack and found water leaking; slowly, but surely.  We were loosing the equivalent of a truck load of water every two days.  The last time the pool leaked, Koky and his crew “fixed” it by reinforcing the expansion joints.  However, as Doug commented at the time, the way they reinforced the joints no long allowed for any expansion.  So we now have leaks all over the place.  We have been slowly draining the pool.  We’ve offered the water to various people, but the only ones who actually took any were our neighbors.  They filled two or three tanks and will probably use it for showers and irrigating.

I miss Juana!!!  My housekeeper has taken a month’s vacation.  She has spoiled me rotten!  I’m now having to do my own laundry (but I don’t iron everything as Juana does…actually, I won’t iron anything!), sweep, mop and dust (but not up in the rafters and on top of the ceiling fans (Sanchez usually does that), change sheets and get the bungalows ready for guests.  I did say I was SPOILED.  Juana also cleans the windows and screens, washes down the outside patios and sidewalks, keeps my piano dusted and ready to play, and so many other things.  I think I’ll give her a raise when she gets back in June.



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