28 April 2012


  In the last couple of days, Doug and I have taken Stormy to the beach and walked up to the pier at El Nuro…about 2 kilometers away.   Stormy was amazing!!  Doug had two sticks and would throw one out into the surf.  Stormy would run and swim out to retrieve it….but she rarely would bring it back to Doug for him to throw it again.  That’s where the second stick came in….once she figured out that he was going to throw another stick, her interest in the first one waned.    She is remarkably savvy…she know her limits and watches for the waves as they came in.  She only got tossed once.  She then knew when to come in and when to go out.

She kept this up three-quarters of the way to the pier.  She even seemed to do some body surfing!








You can just barely see Stormy's head poking up over the top of the wave.










What fun!



One of my favorite sites along the beach here in El Nuro is the spray of the waves on the rocks just south of the pier.   It is also a favorite surfing spot among the locals.





Yoda and Chewy still continue to entertain us.   Chewy turns out to be a totally appropriate name…he loves to chew on my flip-flops and strands of the hammock chair.

Chewy is also quite the contortionist!!!  This photo is taken from above, looking down at him asleep in the dining room chair.



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