23 April 2012

This is the thing about haircuts….especially when they are a huge departure from what you had before.  The cut looks great when you leave the spa, and probably, throughout that day.  But then you sleep on it or take a shower.  And, if your hair is like mine, it has a mind of its own.  Even so, I think I will like my haircut because it is out of my face and is up off my neck, i.e. cooler than longer hair.








We had a visitor today.  His name is Bartolo and he is a contractor.  His client saw our house and wanted to copy it.  Bartolo came to look at it and take measurements.  I guess there isn’t any kind of copyright on home designs…???  I was really impressed with his foreman…he could look at a column and tell you the dimensions.  He could see how the construction was done and was quick to make assessments.  The client is primarily interested in one building, our master bedroom and studio space.  He is planning a two story building using our plan for the master bedroom upstairs and then putting the kitchen underneath; leaving the studio space open above to the second level.  It will be interesting to see what they come up with!

I finished another project today; with lots of help from my kitties.  Actually it isn’t finished, but I was able to sit in it today and work on some Sudoku puzzles.  I still need to weave the ends in.  It’s a hammock chair made using macrame.  I am hoping to be able to situate it in a few places.  All that will be needed is some kind of attachment.  The chair has two rings where a cord and small piece of wood can be threaded for hanging.  Surprisingly enough it is quite comfortable as is…I was thinking the knots in the quarter inch cord would be rather uncomfortable, but it isn’t.  Even so, I made a cushion for it.  Chewy was more than happy to get involved.  At one point, he had his butt hanging over the top of the chair and his front paws over the hammock and trying to figure out how he could play with his tail through the macrame mesh!!  What a funny cat!

Here he is straddled between the chair and the hammock.  He is so adventurous!  He will climb the upper reaches of the hammock and jump onto the roof!  He is so curious; he is fun to watch!!









  1. I love your haircut, too! It’s really cute. It looks like it is easy to take care of, too. Love the cat pictures, too – they keep you laughing, huh?

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