3 April 2012

Para mi amigita, Sara, voy a escribir en castillano hoy día.

For my very good friend, Sara, I will write in spanish today.

Fuimos a Talara para un servicio de nuestra camioneta.  Después de dejar la camioneta en el taller mecánico, fuimos a la casa de nuestra amiga Sara para desayuno.  Hace mucho tiempo que no verla, y estamos muy feliz para visitar con ella.  Tenemos un desayuno muy rico, muy bueno.

We went to Talara today to service our pick-up truck.  Once we left the truck at the shop, we went to Sara´s house for breakfast.  It has been a long time since we´ve seen them, and we were so glad to visit with her.  She served us a delicious breakfast.

Después vamos al mercado para comprar algunas cosas.  Primero, compré tela gruesa para cojines por la hamaca silla.  Después, buscamos un hydrométro para meter la nivel de agua el nuestras baterías que acumular energía del sol.  Inicialmente buscamos esto en los ferreterías, sin éxito.  Al final, fuimos a una tienda de baterías, y la tiene el hydrométro.    También buscamos una impresora.  No sé porque, pero nuestra impresora no funciona cuando necesitamos imprimir algo del internet.  Si queremos imprimir algo de un documento que estaba guardar en la computadora, no hay problema.  Y también podemos escanear documentos…que raro, ¿no?  Espero que la nueva impresora funciona bien sin problemas.

Afterwards, we went to the market to buy some things.  First we bought a heavy material to make the cushions for the hammock chair.  Afterwards, we looked for a hydrometer to measure the water level in the batteries we use with our solar system.  We first visited various hardware stores, but they didn´t really know what we were talking about until Doug drew a picture of the hydrometer.   We finally visited a battery store, and found exactly what we were looking for.  We were also looking for a printer.  I don´t know why, but our printer would not print anything off of the internet.  If the document was actually created on the computer itself, no problem.  and it would scan and copy…..but something wasn´t working right.   Soooo very strange….  Hopefully the new printer will work well.

La camioneta no está lista a la una.  Entonces necesitamos esperar hasta las tres de la tarde.   Entonces, regresamos a la casa de Sara para almuerzo…y su esposo, Edhie,  estuvó acá para compartir la comida con nosotros.  Sara y Edhie son buenos amigos, y disfrutamos nuestro tiempo con los dos.

The truck was not ready at one o´clock.   We then needed to wait until after three in the afternoon as they close for lunch from one until two thirty.  So, we returned to Sara´s house for lunch.  He husband, Edhie was able to join us and we had a great lunch..  They are good friends, and we really enjoy our time with them.  Edhie is  an anaesthesiologist , and his work schedule is very full…crazy!!!  Their time is limited and we are so thankful for any time we get with them.

A las tres, regresamos al taller mecánico para recoger nuestra camioneta.  No estaba lista, y necesitamos esperar un tiempo.  Al final, a las cuatro, salimos el taller y vamos a Plaza Vea.  Compramos algunas cosas en Plaza Vea que no podemos encontrar acá en Los Organos;  espárragos, almendras, vino, queso gueda, y chancho.

At three in the afternoon, we returned to the shop to get our pick-up.  It wasn´t ready and we had to wait for some time.  Finally, at four, we left the shop and went to Plaza Vea.  We bought certain things at Plaza Vea that aren´t available in Los Organos…asparagus, almonds, wine, guida cheese, and pork.

Estuvo un largo día, pero un día que podemos visitar con amigos buenos.

It was a long day, but a day we could visit with good friends.

Gracias Sara!!!!

Thank you Sara!!!!



  1. !Que dia! It sounds like ours right now – hectic! It all seems to work out though, doesn’t it. Does your new printer work?

    1. I havent even hooked the printer up yet. Took the day today to relax and read.

      Are you in your new house yet? I’m anxious to see it! Love ya, Karen

      1. No, we aren’t – it hasn’t closed yet. The bank didn’t sign their doc yet – even though we were SUPPOSED to close on the 27th. Trent has to be in So. Idaho on the 27th of this month to go through training. I’m really starting to stress. The house needs complete paint and most rooms need carpet. We understand it takes two weeks to get the carpet after it is ordered – and we haven’t even gotten it measured yet because we can’t get in. We don’t have two weeks! Acccchhhhhhhhh!!! By the time you get here, it should be somewhat in order!

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