1 Abril 2012

No April fools!  Wow, we had a great dinner tonight!  Our friend, and my Spanish teacher, Gaby and her husband came to enjoy the pool and she cooked an absolutely delicious dinner.  OMG!!!   She prepared a pesto sauce to go over pasta.  We added garlic bread and made a meal!  The pesto sauce was made from fresh basil and spinach, in equal quantities.
Added to the cooked spinach and basil, was some sauted onions and garlic.  This mixture was put into the blender with a bit of milk and a bit of olive oil.  Finally some queso fresco was added.  This mixture was then poured over the pasta….. it was soooo good.  I told Gaby she could cook for me anytime!!

We enjoyed our time in the pool as well.  Gaby is afraid of the water but since she was able to stand up in the pool she felt more comfortable.  We were able to get her to float and to do the dog paddle to get across the pool.  She was so excited she was able to accomplish this, and it was fun to watch.

Both cats are doing very well.  It seemed like they were back to normal and were as active and playful as usual!  Amazing.



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