39 March 2012

Scorpion with you dinner?  This critter found his way into our soup pot in the cupboard.  Between the worms, crickets, beetles and, now scorpions, I need to rethink walking around after dark without flip-flops!!


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  1. I think I’ll keep my boring existence! We have been moving the last couple of weeks and I am just catching up on your blog…my word! Crazy things – from bulldozers, to bugs, to bug bites, to snakes, to cat surgery on your table! Whooo-eeee! How are your bites? Did you determine they were truly mosquito bites? We have had quite the infestation of bedbugs around the country….with all your new bugs coming around, I wondered if if might be something other than mosquitos. Especially since you are using your nets.

    Yay for the good guys, indeed, for your extortion arrests and counterfeit couriers arrests. Life is never dull for you. I’m looking forward to hearing them first hand this summer. I should keep a list so I’ll remember which ones I want to hear more about! Lol.

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