25 March 2012

The bulldozer that was supposed to be here for 3 days just left yesterday!  Finally, a bit of peace and quiet.  He sure moved a lot of dirt around making roads and lots, but he also cut off and run-off for our driveway.  There is a low spot that is about a meter deep, and there is no where for the water to go.  Mmmm.  Hopefully we won’t have much more rain.

I woke up yesterday morning and walked into the dining room and came up short.  There was a 24″ snake on the floor under the table.  Doug and one of the neighbors were in the kitchen and heard me say “There’s a snake in the house!”  About the same time, Yoda discovered it and pounced on it and began to play with it.  Meanwhile, Doug got a pair of tongs out of the kitchen drawer and went after the snake.  Doug and Yoda had quite an interesting exchange to see who could get and keep the snake.    Doug finally prevailed and took the snake outside and away from the house before letting it go.


With the rain, it seems like we have had many more bugs and critters around.   We found this horned worm in large numbers in the pool in just the last couple of days.  Doug has also found them in the solar battery room and on some of the palm plants outside of the kitchen.  I haven’t been able to identify him yet, but Sanchez tells us they are up in the hills on with the greenery and the wind is blowing them down.  









Then, there have been, mosquitos.   We set up our mosquito net over the bed to minimize our exposure at night.  Ironically, the night after we put up the mosquito net, I was covered with bites.  My legs were covered and they itched like crazy.  Then the next night, more bites appeared on my legs and my arms were bit as well.  So the second day I was itching all over my legs and arms….I tried not to scratch, but it was just really hard not to.   I tried everything; I tried vinegar, Mr. Muscle (like 409) thinking the ammonia would help, and finally cut off a leave of aloe vera and spread the gel all over.  That helped me get through the night.  The next day we had a meeting with our lawyer in Mancora in the morning.  Immediately after the meeting, I went to the pharmacy and showed the clerk my bites.  She nodded her head and started pulling things up on the computer.  She prescribed pills and a cream.  Both have helped with the itching, but I still seem to come up with more “bites.”  I’m thinking I’ve also had an allergic reaction as I’ve had hives and rashes as well.  The rash is now spreading to my chest and shoulders, but at least they aren’t itchy.  It looks like I have a terrible case of the measles!  If things don’t settle down in the next couple of days, I’ll try to get into the clinic.

The kittens continue to entertain us.  They sleep together, as you can see in this picture….you can see why I thought about calling them Ying and Yang.  They also eat together……








And they play together….. they are so funny….definitely like twins.


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