20 March 2012

The last three days have been filled with the sound of a large tractor changing the landscape within the development where we live.  The machine made a new road up to the top of the hill across from us, and leveled out some of the properties in the development.  It has been noisy; definitely disrupted our peaceful and tranquil existence.  It is the bane  of our life here….progress will follow our construction.

I’ve finished another project….this one is a quilting project inspired by the mandalas I’ve been drawing.  I was really happy with how it turned out.   This piece is made up so it could be filled for a pillow.  The backing has a random straight line quilting with a zipper so it can be filled for a pillow.  It was fun to transform a mandala into a project; but it wasn’t easy.  The idea of a mandala is to create as you go….it is a meditative process.   So once created, it doesn’t follow that it will translate into a quilt.

I was very thankful that the thread bought in the bazars of Peru were indeed colorfast….I could only imagine the thread  bleeding into the fabric upon washing!!!!


The next project is already underway; besides the one on the loom….  I bought 6mm cord from the local hardware store and have plans to make a hammock chair.    I bought a cone of cord for S/.23 per kilo….The cone weighed 9.5 kilos…and after cutting the material for the hammock chair, I still had 5 kilos left over…..enough for another chair…if we want and if the pattern works out well.  (S/.23 works out to be about $8.50.)

I can’t describe how wonderful it is to be able to have the time to pursue projects.  Juana is a god-send; she  works around my idiosyncrisis/and she never seems to be where I want to be…. she is basically invisible and still gets the job done.  Both Juana and Sanchez are a God-send for us.  Such wonderful people.!!

I am planning a trip to the US from the very end of May to the second week in July.  During this trip I hope to visit my sisters in Denver/Cheyenne, my daughter in Chicago, my good friend in the Yukon for a summer solstice celebration, and a visit with her significant other in the gold mines, and then a visit with friends and family in Oregon.    Put in your requests, as I will be traveling here and there.  I love all of you…thanks so much for following my blog!!!!!


I am planning a trip to the states and to the Yukon between the 30th of May and the 9th of July.  I hope I will be able to connect with many of you during this time!!!

Thanks so much for following my blog!!



  1. We should be in our new house by the time you get here! I hope we get some time with you so you can “see” where we are. Things are never real to me until I actually see them. (This house isn’t real to me right now – there is so much packing to do here and we don’t have a firm date yet when we can get into the new house. Hopefully it will be the day after we close on our current house – otherwise we’ll be living in the U-haul truck!)

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