16 March 2012

Fortunately our electrical problem turned out to be two wires touching and creating a short.  The electrician came in the morning and was here for 2 and a half hours.  He charged us S/.30 which is about $10.50.  Amazing!

We went for dinner with friends Ferruco and his wife Lucia and son Ferruco.  It was Ferruco senior’s birthday and their anniversary.   We went to an Italian restaurant in Mancora and had pizza, ravioli and limoncelli.  Great dinner and great company.


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  1. Glad your electrical problem is solved! I can imagine how worrisome that was. We get pretty dependent on it, don’t we?

    I hope there are no more “armed confrontations” in your area. I just read your last post and saw it. That is scarier to me than the electrical problem you had. Electrical can be fixed but armed people who get an idea in their heads about a situation…not so much. Glad you guys are friends with people on the police force. You’ve done an awesome job integrating yourselves into the community. You certainly are great examples of how to combat the “Ugly American” image. Thanks from all of us! Love you!

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